Lobby Signs to Fit Your Budget

Lobby Signs
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Whether you call it a logo sign or a lobby sign, this signage solution can add the air of professionalism and good design to a reception or lobby area a company needs to make an impact. However, not every company has a huge budget for their signage needs, meaning many businesses opt out of the signage all together, as it is often a lower priority. With the different options in materials for these signs, a lobby sign can fit into any budget with a few creative material considerations.

Metal Laminate on Acrylic or PVC

Metal laminate can be brushed onto acrylic or PVC to achieve the look of metal letters without the price tag. Out of the many different options, this is one of the most popular material selections and for good reason. It gives a high level of contrast that adds good design and intrigue to a wall without the high cost of a full metal signage solution.

This is created by using a high-end brushed metal with acrylic for a gloss finish. These materials give about the same look as full metal letters. PVC and acrylic can be cut up to one-quarter inch in thickness, making it easy to make a bold statement on a budget.

Using High Density Foam

In the same technique as used on the acrylic or PVC letters, high density foam is perfect for letters that need to be cut thicker than ¼-inch. However, using high density foam and using brushed metal laminate gets the professional look of full metal without the cost, as over ¼-inch of metal gets very costly.

It also can take a lot more maintenance to have full metal whereas high density foam is easy to care for and gets its investment worth. While many hear foam and assume it’s flimsy, it can actually be more durable than some metal options.

Painted Acrylic, PVC, High Density Foam

There are more options than a metal look for lobby signs. Instead, the same materials can be painted to achieve any look. Our staff knows how to beautifully and seamless match colors to your brand. This creates a cohesive representation of your company, which will make a big statement to visitors.

Ready to get started? We help our clients from the first planning stages through the installation process. No matter where you are in your planning process, contact us today. Our team will get back quickly with more information for your next project.

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