Benefits of Using New Vinyl Banners for Advertisements

Vinyl Banners
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Banners are a staple in sign advertisements but some fabrics can be difficult to work with. When your banner will be out in the weather ailments, it’s time to consider vinyl banners in place of the traditional cloth banners. This alternative is as simple and easy to set up as other banners but is made from a material that can withstand harsher conditions.

Simple Storage

Banners are popular for good reason. Once they are done being used, they can be simply rolled up and put away. While larger banners may require more than one person to properly roll up the banner, the smaller sizes can be done by one person alone. Even the larger ones are a simple rolling process once a second person helps out. This means one banner can promote many different events for a brand while being stored in an easy spot.

Lighter in Weight While Still Strong

Compared to other forms of signs to promote events, banners are very light in weight. Unless the banner is huge, it is unlikely it will take more than one person to move the banner. However, vinyl banners have an additional positive. Since they are made of vinyl, they can also withstand rain, wind and even winter weather alike. Vented banners, in particular, allow the wind to pass through the banner rather than resisting against the force.


Highly Customizable

Like all our products, our banners are easy to customize. We work with any images and messages your brand needs for their advertisements and create a cohesive, well-thought-out design that will put your best foot forward in your marketing plan. This can include logos, graphics, company mottos, slogans, event-specific information such as time and place, or any other important details that would help not only get information across but support your message. Adding colors and shapes to make the images even more grabbing is simple and easy, making a much less complicated process to complete your advertising efforts.


Partner with Us Today

At Captivating Signs, we view each project as the opportunity to create a unique and long-standing relationship. Whether you need signs regularly or only have events so often, our team works to ensure you have the information necessary to make the most impactful signage for your needs. Contact us today to start a relationship with our team. Whether you need us once in a blue moon for the occasional project or have a bigger, multiple step project on the horizon, we can help.

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