Tips on Branding Your Next Event

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Any business owner knows that branding their company is important. However, many are unaware that branding individual events can be just as important. This is especially true when the event will repeat, such as an annual sale or conference. By creating its own branding, you can differentiate the event while also building loyalty to the event itself. For instance, having a semi-annual sale could bring in customers you normally wouldn’t have that come to your business for that sale.

Another example is a conference. Often, people will develop a group they see at the event and have pride in going to each one. However, this type of comradery only comes with a well-branded event. Creating this type of branding doesn’t have to be a huge process. Instead, following a few simple tips will keep your event on the mark.

Consider the First Impression

For any type of event, the first impression matters. If you have customers that are only interested in coming to a regular sale, it isn’t your company’s brand that is bringing them in. Instead, they had a first impression that this sale appealed to. For example, Amazon just had Prime Day this month. While those are existing customers that use Amazon regularly, as Prime members, it is targeted.

Leading up to Prime Day, Amazon puts out what deals may be coming and has special offerings for different types of members, such as deals starting earlier for those who have their device, Alexa. This puts a specific brand on the event. It is exclusive and only for specific members, making it a special event. The same can be applied to onsite events, such as members sales for stores or conferences for those who have a membership.

Focus on Quality

Using Amazon as an example again, Prime Day isn’t a sale on the items they can’t unload. Instead, it is a sale on items many want to buy in limited quantities. This puts quality first. The same should be true of onsite sales. Offering the least selling items loses its effect. Having a conference with only a few speakers won’t pull too many people in. However, exclusive sale items and one-time only speakers are sure to bring people in the door.

Creative Marketing

Of course, leading up to the event, you should promote the event. However, creativity in your onsite marketing matters just as much. Using window graphics, projected lights, and putting up banners and other signage that show off both your company and event branding will accomplish two goals: aesthetic appeal and important communication. Attendees will know they are at the event and what they can expect while also furthering the brand by creating a cohesive look.

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