Introduction to Channel Letters for Exterior Signage

Channel Letters
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When it comes time to put signage on your building to let passersby find your business, channel letters are often the first-choice business owners think of and for good reason. This solution is simple yet effective with a more classic look for a storefront or other business. Channel letters are also easy to customize with options in mounting racks, fonts, colors and even graphics.

Whether you are looking for a more traditional and clean look or are interested in standing out with a more modern exterior sign, there are a few benefits that come with channel letters.

Illumination Options

Beyond simply picking different fonts, sizes and colors, the illumination of these letters can be different depending on the vision of the business owner. Some letters are backlit and called halo lit letters as this type of illumination gives the ambiance of a halo around the letters. Front lit letters are the more commonly recognized of channel letters while open-face letters are becoming more popular. Each type of illumination gives a completely different look and feel to every sign.

 Different Materials and Installation Options

Having aluminum letters with a halo-lit back has become more popular for a modern yet sleek look for exterior signs. However, there are still options in plastic, such as polycarbonate, to get the more traditional look of a channel letter sign. All materials are light in weight and easy to customize, making the choice easy to base around your own specific marketing needs.


Opening a new business or location can be expensive. Even doing basic upgrades to the exterior of a building can quickly add up. Channel letters give every necessary option to achieve a great looking sign without the big price tag of other solutions. Even better, these letters are virtually weather-proof and last long enough to essentially pay for themselves.

 Colors, Sizes, Graphics

Channel letters can come in nearly any shape, size or color, and graphics can be added to make a bigger impact. Whether you are looking for huge letters to be seen from major highways or smaller letters to fit into a multi-tenant retail building, a simple solution can be found for your specific needs. The only limitation with channel letters is the installation knowledge of the sign company and imagination of the client.

If you’re not feeling inspired, we can help. Our team has the knowledge for both seamless installation and tips on making the best design for your space. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

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