Using Window Graphics Seasonally to Attract Sales

Window Graphics
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Whether a holiday is coming up or the seasons are changing, using the time of year for sales makes good sense. From Christmas presents to preparing for the hot summer sun, consumers need to shop based on what is happening in the calendar year. By meeting their needs and showcasing what you have to offer for these seasonal times, you can make the life of the consumer easier while you better promote your business and sales.

With window graphics, you don’t have to break the bank to properly promote your sales. Our window graphics are reasonably priced to fit any retail or promotional needs with easy installation to make switching out promotions a painless process.



The more interactive your promotional items, the more consumers will interact with your promotion. While they are two-dimensional, there are ways to make your window graphics have movement and interaction. A simple way to achieve this is with directional arrows or messages that lead the customer to the front door.

Another way to add motion is to use graphics that imply movement. A character that is walking or, if you have a bike store, a bicyclist traveling toward the door puts it in the mind of the customer to walk in that direction. This simply and easily brings customers right to the entrance of your space.

Light Yet Bold Colors

Darker colors may seem like a bolder choice but they can make it easy to pass by your display. Instead, using lighter colors that are still bolder can bring in a lot more attention. For instance, a bright red will attract much more attention than a more burgundy color. The burgundy is likely to get lost and make the window appear darker, which is much less interesting to look at.

However, darker colors can still be implemented. Using bright whites and lighter colors such as lavender with accents of black or dark purple can make a more interesting design. The important thing to remember is that the lighter colors will make the most impact and should be used as the primary colors as opposed to the accenting colors.

Creative Design for Better Sales

Being creative is the driving force when it comes to window graphics. Unlike other signage, how interactive and colorful the graphics are can be even more important than the actual message. The goal is to get customers to your door rather than convey necessary information other than sales-related promotions. If you are unsure of where to start, we can help. Contact our team today to find out how our window graphics solutions can better promote your sales and business.

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