3 Ways to Use Custom Yard Signs for a Graduation

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A graduation is a big achievement, especially if you are celebrating a high school or college grad on their way to the next phase in life. A party for them helps usher them into that next stage with a grand send-off. There are lots of ways you can show them you’re proud, but one of the most versatile is to use yard signs in their honor. You can even get creative with signs to help guests or decorate your yard and tell a story. This is a fun way to honor your graduate.

3 Tips for Getting Creative with Yard Signs for Your Grad

These tips for using yard signs will help you throw a better party and celebrate your grad’s big achievement. Say it with signs and get your message across in a fun, easy, festive way.

1. Celebrate Your Graduate

For an easy way to celebrate your grad and let them know how proud you are, put up signs that tell them “Happy Graduation,” “Congratulations,” or their name and “Class of 2017.” This is the quickest way to tell your graduate (and the whole neighborhood) that you’re bursting at the seams with excitement about their accomplishment.

2. Direct Your Guests

Having a big blow-out celebration for your graduate? Direct guests to your party with yard signs. They can be as simple as arrows pointing the way, or they can say “Grad Party” with your address underneath. Guests from out of town will appreciate your attention to detail, and this will avoid the potential for people to get lost.

Definitely plan on directing your guests with signs if you live in a confusing neighborhood or off the beaten path.

3. Tell Your Grad’s Story

Use yard signs to tell your guests (and your whole block) where your grad is going from here. Are they headed off to their dream school? Put up signs with their new college’s logo. Are they heading off into the world of work? Create signs with symbols from their new industry (tools for repair services, food and cooking utensils for an aspiring chef, paint palettes and artist brushes for a creative, etc.).

Another fun idea to tell your grad’s story is to put up signs with pictures from their personal journey. Baby pictures alongside cap-and-gown pictures are a great way to show how much they’ve grown up. These are also fun for guests to spot as they’re pulling up to your celebration.

Use Yard Signs Creatively for a Fun Grad Party

Your grad party can be even better with custom signs. Just think of all the benefits: Add to the atmosphere, provide help for party-goers, and tell the world how proud you are.

For professional-looking, custom signs with flair, go with Surely Signs for all your grad party and celebratory signage.

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