How to Use Custom Banners to Promote Your Big Event

Custom Banners
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For generating attention and drawing people to your big event, banners are incredibly effective. These signs are large and in charge. They beg to be noticed. They can also present vital information that passersby would never know otherwise. Using custom banners is a great way to get the word out. Do it in the right way to score maximum exposure and draw the most people.

Banners: A Tried-and-True Way to Draw a Crowd

Banners may not be fancy, but they get the job done. They’re perfect to use to attract locals to your event and to tell people where, what, and when. Use these signs the right way to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Use Good Banner Design

A good design will get noticed. A bad, ineffective design will just confuse people, so they’ll keep walking by without giving you the time of day.

As such, use contrast to make your design readable. Use clear fonts that are large enough to see from a distance. Avoid cramming too much information on your banner – people need to be able to read it in one glance.

2. Put Banners in the Right Spot

An ill-placed sign will do nothing for you. If no one can read it, then its purpose is forfeited. As such, place your banner front-and-center. If you can, put it right in the line of sight of traffic. On pedestrian walkways, hang it overhead so it spans the width of the path. Bridges, overpasses, or even tree branches can be perfect locations for your sign.

You can also place banners on the sides of buildings, over doorways, and across gates or fences. Some banners are even made to stick into the lawn near the street, like banner flags. Make sure your banner is near your event, but in a place that directs traffic your way.

3. Go Farther Afield

Advertise your event all over town. Put up banners with your event name, date, and address to draw people who otherwise wouldn’t know it is happening. You never know whose interest you might grab. This strategy is kind of like word-of-mouth, except in print.

4. Appeal to Your Target Market

If your event is geared for a certain age group or demographic, make sure your design reflects that. Having a fun kids’ event? The banner should be fun, colorful, and happy. Hosting an elegant soiree? Keep colors minimal and use a sophisticated font. If you’re trying to draw teens to your gathering, don’t skew too “kiddie,” and keep it interesting.

Grab Attention with Banners and the People Will Come

A banner is a time-tested way of marketing. They work for everything from events, to specials, to gatherings and festivals. Use these powerful tools the right way and you’ll see a big return on investment. Custom banners by us are perfect way to promote your upcoming event.

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