What Does Your Vehicle Color Say About Your Company?

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There seems to be no end to the colors you can choose for your vehicle, especially when you are considering vehicle wraps. However, that color selection could communicate more than you anticipated on the road. Rather than simply being a color preference, color can hugely impact the many impressions you make while driving your newly wrapped vehicle around town.

Consumers find color and overall appearance the most important factors while shopping with 85% of consumers reporting color as their primary reason when buying a product. This shows consumers, in general, are the most influenced by color and aesthetics as opposed to other details while shopping. Applying this knowledge to your vehicle wrap can lead to more sales conversions from your advertisements.

What Color Communicates in Vehicles

Each consumer will have their own bias when it comes to colors, of course. However, some studies have found colors elicit some of the same responses for the most part from consumers, especially in vehicles.

  • This color on a vehicle communicates enjoying a simple life, strong attention to detail, demanding in a positive light and perfectionism. For companies that are about the details and want to demand attention, having white as a base color can make an impact.
  • One of the less popular options in commercial vehicle wraps, pink comes off as gentle, caring and even loving. This can be a good choice for daycare options or companies that deal with private, intimidate parts of people’s lives as they will feel more comfortable with your gentler company.
  • This color shows a lot of energy and power, along with a “lust for life.” For companies looking to assert themselves or inspire excitement in their customers, red is a great choice that grabs attention and makes a strong impact.
  • For creative companies, purple is an excellent choice. The color is seen as being unafraid to be different and unique, along with a happiness in the abnormal. For creative services, showing you break the mold is imperative.
  • Trust and tradition are tied with green. For companies with old school values and a well-balanced attitude toward work and having fun, green can showcase your company attitude.
  • This color is seen as confident and dependable, along with having a more subtle and quiet quality. For companies looking for more long-term relationships with customers, blue can show you can be reliable.
  • For an upbeat company, yellow will showcase your optimism. When helping customers with a life problem, showing your sunny disposition can help them turn to your services.

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