Illuminated Signs Make a Difference

Illuminated Signs
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The first rule of good signage is visibility. A sign that’s hard to see will not reach the number of people you need it to. Darkness is one of the major problems that limits sign visibility. So, make sure your signs are able to be seen, even at night, by using illuminated signs from BlackFire Signs Our illuminated signs can make a major difference in your marketing efforts.

Increase Visibility

One of the first ways that illuminated signs can enhance your marketing efforts is the simple fact that they increase the exposure you get throughout the course of a twenty-four-hour day. Your signs will probably be easy to make out on a sunny day, but at night, a lack of light will totally limit the readability of your signs to people who are only a few feet away, if at all. And on a foggy or rainy day, your signs might be just as hard to see. Illuminated signs are a great way to make sure that your signs are readable and building your brand, even in the dark or when visibility is limited.


In a similar way, your illuminated signs can help people find your business. On a day with limited visibility, you can be sure that people won’t be searching up and down a busy street searching for your business. A bright, illuminated sign will allow people to identify the location of your business from miles away. This also means that you can draw business from farther away opening up your market.

The Right Look

Another great benefit of illuminated signs is that they can be made to fit your business and your brand. We can design signs that will match the colors and fonts of your existing branding. That means you can get a cohesive brand and great visibility. There are also different styles of sign and lighting that you can choose from. That means you can find a sign that will not only suit your branding but your image, too. We can even help you find the right type of lighting for your signs, whether that’s spotlights, back-lighting or even LED lighting.

Your Signs

If you’re interested in illuminated signs, contact our team today to discuss your options!

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