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Window Graphics
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Have you ever been walking through a mall or along a row of shops just to pass some time? While walking from one store to the next have you looked into a window and wondered what was going on inside? Sometimes you can piece together what you’re looking at from what’s in the window. Sometimes you can’t. There are stores with busy displays in their windows, some might put sale items out to bring people in, you might even see a demonstration through the glass. A window can give people a view of your store, your office or your products, but a plain window is just that. Window graphics can add context to that view and turn an aimless wanderer into a potential client.

Window Graphics

An easy way to display your business is with an open view. When that view is coupled with important information displayed in a direct way, you can draw a lot more looks than just what can be seen through a pane of glass. A good example would be a coffee shop with a clear view from the street. If no one’s inside, you might wonder if the store is open. If you can see people sipping coffee, all you know is this store sells coffee; it could be a diner, doughnut shop or coffee shop. An attractive window graphic with hours of operation and a coffee cup image can be informative and practical. A good-looking graphic might even slow a busy pedestrian down to note that there’s a new coffee shop in town. As they stop they might peek in and see some people enjoying the product, which is better than free advertising because the ad is drinking coffee it paid for.

4 Directions Signs

No matter what your business is, coffee shop, delivery service, law office or bookstore, 4 Directions Signs can help you create a window graphic that works for your business. You can make your space work doubly for you with your name and phone number on your window. Advertise a sale without limiting the amount of space that your customers can use. Make sure people know who you are and how to contact you with your name and number. With 4 Directions Signs, there are countless ways to make your windows do more for you.

Turn window shoppers into paying customers with a window graphic by 4 directions Signs.

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