Wall Graphics: Flexible and Versatile Signage

Wall Graphics
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Signage can get expensive but changing your look can be difficult with permanent fixtures. As an alternative, consider wall graphics. Made of thin vinyl, they are easily applied to almost any wall and can be made in an infinite variety of shapes, colors, patterns, designs, and sizes.

5 Top Reasons to Go with Wall Graphics

Along with being simple and flexible, graphics are a wonderful alternative option to permanent signs and fixtures.

1. They’re Easy to Install and Easy to Remove

Graphics require no nails, screws, or holes in the wall. There’s no painting to do, and you won’t have to deal with accompanying drying times or harsh smells. Instead, wall graphics apply and remove cleanly, so when you take them away, it’s like they were never there. When you’re ready for a new look, all you do is peel off the old graphics – kind of like a sticker, but better. Some vinyl applications can even be reused. This means if you change your mind about placement, you can quickly move them with little fuss.

2. They Can Change with Your Mood

Wall graphics are easy to change if you change your mind. Put up fresh graphics to reflect new products, a new season, or a new direction. You’ll make a big impact and keep your branding consistent, too.

3. They’re Durable and Easy to Clean

Unlike wallpaper, vinyl graphics are resistant to damage and are easily cleaned. Spills, fingerprints, dust, or dirt are no problem – just wipe the wall with a damp cloth.

4. They Inexpensive

Compared to permanent signage, wall graphics are inexpensive ways to brand your store, complement your company’s message, and create a mood. Blow up your logo and display it prominently on a large wall. Create a wall mural that ties into your brand. Repeat colors, images, and shapes that help tell your story in a punchy way that grabs the eye.

5. The Options are Amazing

Your options for wall displays and graphics are pretty awesome. You can go with a bold and striking look, choose something that looks like a photo or opt for smaller decals to make a totally custom design. You can even create a custom wall mural with a large graphic.

Wall Graphics Are a Great Alternative for Business Design and Branding

If you want to brand your store in a fun, impressive, and impactful way, go with graphics. These vinyl installations are easy to install, easy to clean, and versatile for your needs. You can create almost anything you can imagine, from full wall murals to messages, logos, images, and more. We have options in all sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Even better, our products are versatile and flexible if you ever change your mind about your design or want a quick update to the style.

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