Simple Tips for Effective Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs
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When making an investment on a good quality exterior sign, it can seem intimidating to start your design. It’s important to get the most out of this marketing tool, as it leaves a lasting impression on passersby and can be a good amount of your marketing budget, if you are running a small business.

So where do you start? Most often, it makes good sense to start your exterior sign project with how you will word your message. A good logo or tag line can really cement the effectiveness of your branding.

Wording Tips for Exterior Signs

  • Consider your limitations. If you are getting a large sign for your storefront, you will want to keep it to the name of your business and maybe your slogan in a smaller font. If your store has an obvious name, such as Dollar Shop for a dollar store, you can often stick to the name alone.
  • Essential information. If you have a roadside sign, it may be tempting to put a ton of information. However, it is good practice to stick to the company name, phone number, address, website, social media handle, slogan, and/or call to action. Be sure to always include the company name, but only include the other information as necessary.
  • Consider your audience. If you have a lot of walking traffic you’re trying to bring in, you can have signs in the window with more information. However, a bigger sign for moving targets should have the least wording possible to properly convey your brand message.

Design Tips for Exterior Signs

  • Keep it simple. You want to catch the eye of those passing by, but it’s important they get a quick idea of what your business offers. If your brand isn’t immediately obvious, you may lose out on potential customers. Surprisingly, this can make one of the biggest impacts. Studies have shown signs in all capital letters are more difficult to read than those with appropriate upper and lowercase lettering.
  • Having more contrast will be more engaging and eye catching, but also make your sign much easier to read while passing by.
  • A good font will be interesting enough to want to look at, but readable enough to know what the sign says from a quick glance.

Ready to make your custom exterior sign?

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