Creative Uses for Die Cut Graphics and Stickers for Promotions

Graphics and Stickers for Promotions
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Stickers aren’t just for kids. In fact, they can be a powerful tool for marketing efforts, especially for newer companies looking to generate awareness. Our die cut graphics have the nostalgic feel of stickers but with the quality of our other well-crafted signage solutions. By using stickers, you open the door for opportunities in marketing. With some imagination, getting recognition is much easier.

Die cut graphics can be used at trade show events, networking opportunities, or as an add-on for retail purchases, depending on your business needs.

With Purchase

Giving a sticker out with purchases can be an easy way to generate buzz for your company. Everyone likes getting something for free, no matter how small or large. When you give a customer a sticker, there is a high likelihood of it being used. Once it is being used, it works almost like word-of-mouth marketing without anyone mentioning your company.

For instance, if a customer uses it and their friend sees the sticker, they will now recognize your brand when they see it. They will associate your brand with their friend and are more likely to trust your company since someone they know also used your services or products.

Trade Show Event

Using the same logic of everyone liking free items, trade shows are a great opportunity to hand out die cut graphics. These graphics can also be used on other free giveaways for a trade show event. For instance, if you want to give out reusable water bottles with your logo and brand information, adding the die cut graphic can be a more cost-effective approach compared to engraved or other custom-made options.

Even better, they are much easier to customize than other potential giveaways. There are virtually no limits on colors, shapes and images used, and more than one graphic can be applied to a bottle or other item. This gives the opportunity to fully design and create your items.


If you have a meeting with a potential client or buyer that goes well, it is nice to have something with your information to hand them outside of the typical business card. Die cut stickers can have the same information as a business card but in a more fun format. For the same reasoning, customized pens are another popular choice. Both can be put in a folder with other marketing information, creating a custom package for them to take away.

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